Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Resolutions - Focus on Profession

     Happy 2015!  During the first day of the year, as I posted new information on the School Counselor Central Facebook page, I saw several articles that had been shared through the network.  The theme: not enough school counselors.  So I took time to think about today's post about resolutions.  As we make promises to loose weight, be more active, quit smoking, all of which are hard and should be tried, how about making a professional resolution?  Like what you might say?
Here are a few - In 2015, I, as a school counselor will:

                   ........write a school counseling job description aligned to the national standards of school counseling and distribute it to the administration and HR office.
                   ........ask to do a faculty presentation on the role of the school counselor and activities to support students in the three domains.

                   .........take the survey results I collected from lessons/groups, compile them on my own time and share it with the faculty and administration.

                   .........create a faculty/parent handbook on the role of the school counselor, calendar of activities and resources.

                    .........not give in to what others believe the school counselor should do, but stand as a leader and educate the community on the importance of the school counselor.

           more proactive in searching tools and resources essential in helping the school counselor maintain a comprehensive school counseling program.

                    ..........ask for current school data such as reasons for team meetings on students (academic, social/emotional) and create a chart that shows why students are being referred to team meetings and how a school counselor can suppport the needs through programs.

                    ...........Not find any more excuses or reasons to say that my role as a school counselor is not valuable, needed, and respected!

    You get the idea!  Let's take the second day of the year and begin making your professsional resolutions!  I would love to see them posted here!!!  Happy 2015!!